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Yastonbury is a family led project, dedicated initially to preserving the ever-lasting memory of our beautiful fun-loving daughter, granddaughter, sister and niece Yasmin Frances Jones.   Yasmin was tragically taken away from us and her many friends at the young age of 22.

Yasmin was raised in Glastonbury before deciding to follow her dream of attending John Moore’s University in Liverpool studying drama.  Yasmin graduated in July 2014 with a 2:1 in Drama, a wonderful achievement and one that we are all proud of.

Yasmin lived her life to the full, the many friends she made in Glastonbury, together with the many more she made during her time in Liverpool will testify to this.  Yasmin brought so much joy and happiness to our lives and everybody who had the pleasure in meeting Yasmin during her short stay in our world, will remember Yasmin living her life full of life, laughter and love.

After Yasmin’s passing in August 2014, a completely different style of funeral and wake was attended by many hundred of Yasmin’s friends and family.   Coaches travelled down from Liverpool, to remember Yasmin.  The church was completely full and around the edges of the church her friends were stood and sat two or three rows deep.  Yasmin’s wake was a beautiful experience held in a festival setting at the foot of Glastonbury Tor, with a marquee set in a lovely meadow with its own stone circle.   As Yasmin loved the famous Glastonbury festival, some of her friends said that the wake setting reminded them of Glastonbury and as such came up with the name #Yastonbury.

As a family we have taken the name Yastonbury forward and adopted it as the name of our legacy.  We are creating a memory wood and wildflower garden called Yastonbury.   

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The field is split into 5 sections:      

1. Memory Wood

2. Celebration of Life Wood

3. Love, Peace, Faith and Hope Wood

4. Wildflower meadow and gardens

5. Mother Spring

(One of Glastonbury’s nine sacred Springs.)

We are here

Our site is set within 4 acres of very sacred land situated a short walk from Glastonbury town centre, beneath Wearyall Hill with the most beautiful and breath-taking views of Glastonbury Tor.  An Ancient Spring named The Mother Spring, which forms one of Glastonbury's nine Sacred Springs is situated in the middle of our site and on the spot where St Michael's Ley Line runs through along with Mary Ley Line, and their converging energies.

Yastonbury is a tranquil setting divided into four sections the first of which is our memory wood, where we can arrange to have a tree planted in remembrance of a loved one who has passed away.  Our second area is a Love, Peace, Faith and Hope wood, where we can dedicate a tree to any of these four headings with their own personal message of Love, Peace, Faith or Hope. 

The third section of our 4-acre site is dedicated to celebrating life.  We can arrange for a tree to be planted along with messages for a birth of a new baby, wedding celebration, anniversaries, or to mark and celebrate any momentous occasion during one's living life experience.

As well as the opportunity to dedicate a tree there is also the option to sponsor a native shrub, hedgerow plant or wildflower in the meadow area of the site.

The land will remain in legacy of Yasmin Jones memory, for many decades to come.  Yastonbury will continue to remain within the family.  The land will remain as an ever- lasting legacy and memory of Yasmin Jones along with our members lost loved ones, all of whom have had a tree planted in their name.  We will also ensure the legacy of our Sacred, Spiritual land and Mother Spring.  Allowing the community of Glastonbury along with our members to enjoy our beautiful setting for many more years to come.  Sitting in the shade beneath the trees that we have planted. 

Proceeds in way of donations raised by the Yastonbury  will be used to run and maintain the land, plant more trees, hedgerows, shrubs and wildflowers along with more landscaping projects, disabled access, pathways water features etc.  


Our Mission is to create a tranquil, beautiful, spiritual area, which will become the focal point where the community of Glastonbury along with our members can come to visit.  Individuals, family or friends can reflect, spending time quietly, happily remembering loved ones surrounded by beautiful nature, scenery and wildlife for many decades to come.  We will also share our celebration of life and messages of Love, Peace, faith and hope throughout these times and far into the future.  All this whilst observing and respecting the needs of our Sacred land and spring, providing an environmental, ecological bio-diverse habitat for nature and wildlife alike. 

Once we have dedicated a tree together, you and your family can come and share the tranquil settings of Yastonbury by appointment only throughout the year.

Thank you.

Yasmin Jones Family


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