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Yastonbury Target is to remove 5 tonnes of carbon per year in total 100 tonnes of Carbon removed from our planet over a minimum of 20 years.  Yastonbury can achieve this with your support, together we can plant 500 trees on our sacred site.  This cycle will continue for many decades/centuries to come for our children and our children's children and so on for everyone to benefit from and enjoy, way into the future.

Most websites estimate each tree planted as taking 22Kg / 48 lbs of carbon out of the atmosphere each year and releasing oxygen in exchange.  This is essential in supporting the planet in achieving Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2050. 


We at Yastonbury err on the side of being Conservative to avoid over inflating the potential benefits our project will produce.  As such we have selected a more world-wide mean average of Carbon removed per tree.  

By supporting Yastonbury in planting 20 trees, we can together remove 0.2 tonnes of Carbon per year from our planet.  100 trees planted will see us removing 1 tonne of Carbon per year.  If we achieve our target of 500 trees being planted, we at Yastonbury together with you will remove 5 tonnes of Carbon per year from our planet,  an incredible amount of 100 tonnes being removed over a period of 20 years.

Image by Jan Huber

It is important to remember the true benefits of trees and healthy woodland go far beyond being the lungs of our planet by removing Carbon and releasing Oxygen.  Their value for biodiversity, social impact and the stability of the global climate are well documented.  This may also be a challenge to measure, but at the end of the day the need to protect and restore our woodlands by planting trees is essential.   

Please help Yastonbury protect and restore our woodlands, please donate to our project, or  a donate funds towards a tree, hedgerow or shrub today and help us reach our target of 100 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide being removed and replaced by the oxygen that we can breath for many decades and centuries to come, leaving a legacy for our children, for our children's children and way into the future.   

Thank you

Yasmin Jones Family xx

To find out how to donate to our project, please email


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