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Life expectancy up to 400 years, max height 5-10m, spread 0-5m, fast growing tree.

Hawthorn Is a Pagan symbol of fertility and has ancient associations with May Day, with its leaves and flowers being the source of May Day garlands, as well as appearing in the reef of the Green Man. Hawthorn was never brought into the home.

The hawthorn is a tree of magical enchantment, and is associated with Beltane, the ancient festival celebrating spring. In Celtic mythology it is one of the most sacred trees symbolising love and protection.  it is also known as the fairy tree, as it is believed fairies live under the hawthorn as its guardians.

Brides used to collect hawthorn sprigs hand flowers and wore hawthorn blossom in their hair or within their bouquet to symbolise the union of love.

The hawthorn thorny branches are wonderful for garden birds to safely make their nests.  It is known for its longevity and can live for over 400 years.   In March the hawthorn leaf-buds open and pale green leaves appear.  These leaves are followed by masses of delicate white flower buds which open in May to reveal blossom with five white petals surrounding stamens of bright pink heads. Each flower produces fruit called a “Haw” which appear in July and ripen in October small bright red berries loved by birds.

Glastonbury in legend is the place, where Joseph of Arimathea landed carrying The Blood of Christ following Christ crucifixion in 36AD.  It is said that Mary Magdalene and other travellers from the Holy Land accompanied Joseph and the Chalice on this journey.   From the ancient Roman port located at the foot of our field, Joseph and his companions climbed Wearyall Hill, where Joseph thrust his Holy staff into the ground.  This site is directly above our field.  The following day the staff had blossomed into a Thorn tree called the Holy Thorn, descendants from this Holy thorn still grow in Glastonbury to this day.  The Holy Thorn is a Middle Eastern variety off the hawthorn tree.  The Holy Thorn, blossoms twice a year once during springtime and once every Christmas, early January the original time of Jesus birthday.

White Hawthorne

  • Photos are for example only. Size,  trunk and habitat will vary.  All trees supplied are between 1.75 and 2.75m (not precise height.)  Please feel free to contact us to discuss.   

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