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All trees on our Yastonbury site can be planted in either one of our three woodland sections:

Yastonbury Memory Wood

Yastonbury Celebration of Life Wood

Yastonbury Love, Peace, Faith, Hope Wood

Each tree donated to Yastonbury may include a brushed steel plaque, containing  your personal messages.

Hedgerow and plaques are also available by donation for any of these three sections. 

Hedgerow along with Shrubs and associated plaques can be donated for our Meadow area.

We also have a pet section within our Meadow area, available for you to donate shrubs in memory of a lost loved family pet.  

Packets of wildflower seeds for our wildflower meadow are also available, via donations.

We provide a 7-year guarantee on all of our plaques. 

Yastonbury understands the circle of life and its role within nature, this is why every tree donated and planted within our site comes with a 5 year replacement guarantee. Therefore if your tree is unfortunate enough to become damaged by the forces of nature causing it to perish, or despite our best efforts and loving care is unable to survive during its first 5 years from date of donation then we will replace free of charge.  After 5 years we will contact you with the option if you wish of replacing your tree.

Our plaques and benches handmade in Somerset from timber carefully chosen from sustainable woodlands and naturally fallen trees, are covered for 7 years from date of purchase and again we will replace like for like or we will contact you after 7 years once the circle of life has caught up with these products. Please ensure you keep us up to date with your contact details. 

​Yastonbury is an organic environmental friendly project and as such we only use environmental friendly treatments.  No chemicals are used on our products or land and all our wooden benches and other wooden products are treated with environment friendly Tung Oil each year allowing their natural colour and pattern of the Oak to shine through.  This help's prolong their life cycle expectancy.  We believe, by doing so we will prolong the life of your bench for many years beyond the guaranteed 7 years.  We estimate due to Yastonbury using Oak  and treating with our environmental friendly Tung Oil treatments then these products should last for at least 15 years.

It is recognised by Yastonbury that every living organism returns to the Earth naturally to support nature's circle of life. Every item on our site will one day return to the earth.  Yastonbury policy is not to use any chemicals on our land, due to our environmental friendly policy we believe the chances of fungi and insect infestation within our wooden products may be greater and could happen earlier.  This will start the breakdown of our wooden products and move them to their next phase in the circle of life.  Once a bench is deemed unsafe due to the wood breaking down, then it will be taken out of service, and placed in an area where it can decay into the ground safely, and ensuring the continuation of the circle of life.

We will treat all products twice yearly with environmentally friendly Tung Oil which will help protect the products for many years, and as above we will guarantee all benches  for 7 years from their date of purchase.​

​​​All Yastonbury donation trees packages are inclusive of:​

Visits throughout the year by appointment only. 

​A photo of your tree will be taken every Spring and sent via your email  for the first three years from donation being made. 

Brushed Steel plaque set within a Wooden background containing message sited with your tree for a further donation to cover costs.

​5 year replacement guarantee with your tree from date of donation.

7 year replacement guarantee from date of donation on all of our benches.

Entry into the Yastonbury Memory book, celebration of life book or messages of love, peace, hope and faith book, depending on where your tree is planted.  

Minimum 20 years of site maintenance and re-investment of donations for ground improvements.

The Yasmin Jones legacy will ensure the sacred land along with our trees will remain for many decades to come.

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