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Life expectancy around 80 years, max height around 12m, spread 0-5m, medium speed growing tree.

In Celtic times the hazel tree was associated with wisdom and inspiration. The sacred tree is said to be cloaked in a powerful magic which can imbue those who eat its fruit.

Nine magical hazel trees were said to once line the borders between the human world and the realm of the gods.  From these hazel trees It is said hazelnuts would fall into a nearby stream where they were consumed by the salmon. After eating the hazelnuts, the fish would gain all the knowledge of the world and we're known as the salmon of wisdom.

In mythology Hermes the messenger of the Gods, and himself the God of border crossings. Was said to carry a staff made from hazel tree to aid him in his travels through the human and spirit realms. Hermes Roman equivalent, Mercury, also carried a hazel staff which bestowed him with great wisdom.

Hazel has long been associated with the dormouse also known as the hazel dormouse. Not only are hazelnuts eaten by dormice to fatten up for hibernation, but in spring the leaves are good source of caterpillars which dormice also like to eat.

Hazel (Common)

  • Photos are for example only. Size,  trunk and habitat will vary.  All trees supplied are between 1.75 and 2.75m (not precise height.)  Please feel free to contact us to discuss.   

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