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Life expectancy can live for 200 years, Max Height 5-10m, Spread 0-5m, very-fast growing.

The rowan (AKA mountain ash,) has a long sacred history.  In Celtic mythology the rowan is known as the Tree of Life and symbolises courage, wisdom and protection.

In myth the rowans bright berries were symbolically associated to Goddess Hebe, when she lost the chalice of youth.  An eagle fought to recover the chalice and whenever the eagle shed a drop of blood or feather a rowan Tree would grow.  The rowans bright red berries are associated with these drops of blood, with red believed to be the most protective colour, linked to forces of creation and life.  The power of the sacred rowan tree is further enhanced by the pentagram, an ancient protective symbol, embedded in the bottom of every rowan berry.

The wood is strong and resilient, and since ancient times has been used to make protective crosses tied with red thread.  The rowan was especially treasured for its divining properties.

Creamy-white flowers blossom every spring and loved by our honey and bumble bees.  Birds feast on their ripe red berries in autumn.  


  • Photos are for example only. Size, trunk and habitat will vary.  All trees supplied are between 1.75 and 2.75m (not precise height.)  Please feel free to contact us to discuss.   

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